Data Breaches

We rely on your assistance.  Please contact us immediately at 812-372-6091 if you notice unusual activity on your account.

Here are a few security measures you can take to ensure your account is safe and has not been compromised:

  • Use online banking to continuously monitor your account activity.
  • If you suspect your account has been compromised, contact the credit union nearest you immediately.
  • If your charge card or debit card has been compromised, visit the nearest credit union office to close the compromised card and request a new card be issued.
  • Additional information concerning the breach may become available earlier on the merchant’s website.
  • If you notice unusual activity on your account after hours, contact 1-855-510-0949 immediately to close your card.
  • Please keep the credit union up to date on your home and cell phone numbers, this is the fastest way for someone to reach you if your card has questionable activity.
  • When traveling, please contact the credit union in advance.  Charge cards and debit cards require PIN numbers when traveling outside certain areas.  This is additional protection against fraud.
  • If you feel you have misplaced your card, notify us and we will temporarily stop usage of the card.  If you locate the cards, we can reactivate it, if not, we can close it and issue you a new card.

The biggest deterrent to credit and debit card fraud is you.  By being vigilant and watching your account activity and notifying the credit union the moment you notice something unusual, you can greatly reduce fraud on your account and the inconvenience associated with it.