Certificates & Funds Manager


A Share Certificate is a certificate that is on deposit for a required period of time.  In return for depositing your funds in a certificate, you will receive a specified rate of interest on your funds.  This rate is determined by the amount of money on deposit and the length of time the funds are kept on deposit.  If funds are withdrawn before maturity, a penalty will be assessed for early withdrawal.

TermAPRAPY*Minimum Balance
3 Months.050%.050%$1,000.00
6 Months1.80%1.156%$1,000.00
12 Months1.80%1.815%$500.00
18 Months1.90%1.917%$500.00
24 Months2.00%2.018%$500.00
30 Months2.05%2.069%$500.00
36 Months2.10%2.120%$500.00
48 Months2.15%2.171%$500.00
60 Months2.20%2.222%$500.00

Certificate, 12 months and less, early withdrawal penalty........3 months dividends

Certificate, over 12 months, early withdrawal penalty.......6 months dividends

* APY is an abbreviation for Annual Percentage Yield
APR = Annual Percentage Rate

Funds Manager

A Funds Manager is a Money Market Share Account that is tied to the investment share daily rate.  To receive the annual percentage yield, a minimum average daily balance of $500.00 must be maintained.  Withdrawals from this account must be made in denominations of $500.00 and deposits may be made using automatic payroll deduction.  There are three withdrawals allowed per month without charge.  Any withdrawal over three will be assessed a $10.00 withdrawal fee.  Rates available upon request.