Fee Schedule

An account is considered dormant if for six months no withdrawals or deposits, other than credited dividends, have been made to the account and we have received no communication from you about the account.

The fee for a dormant account is $15.00 every six months.

The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, apply to your account.


Credit/Debit Card FeesAmount
Replace ATM/Debit card$5.00 first time
(Each additional $10.00)
Replace lost PIN number$5.00
Change PIN (personal identification number) for ATM/Debit card$5.00
ATM cash withdrawal from all account(s)$1.00 each in excess of six per month at ATM's we do not own or operate
Dollar limit$205.00 per business day
Phone transfer by credit union employee$5.00 per transfer
International ACH Transactions (IAT's)$5.00 per transaction
Foreign collection item$35.00
Foreign item deposited (as collection item only)35.00 each
Wire transfer incoming$10.00
Wire transfer outgoing
(within continental United States)
Wire transfer outgoing
(outside continental United States)
$85.00 or Actual Cost if greater


Account FeesAmount
Overdraft - each overdraft paid$35.00
Overdraft protection transfer$5.00 per transfer
Non-sufficient funds - each$35.00
Non-sufficient funds ATM/Debit withdrawal$35.00
Account activity printout (per request)$2.00 per month requested
Monthly statement copy (printed)$3.00 per month requested
Account research$30.00 per hour/$.50 per minute
Pre-Authorized draft special handling$10.00 per item
Draft printing(fee depends on style of draft ordered)
Account balancing assistance$20.00 per hour
Account closing fee
(Draft and Regular Shares)
Stop payments - each
(Draft or ACH)
Deposited item returned$10.00 per item


Service FeesAmount
IRA withdrawal
(except required minimum distribution)
$30.00 per withdrawal
IRA Required Minimum DistributionFree
IRA Annual Maintenance Fee
(Charged 12/31 Each Year)
IRA Termination Fee (Closing)$30.00
12 months and less, early withdrawal penalty
3 months dividends
over 12 months, early withdrawal penalty
6 months dividends
Online Banking AccessFree
BillPay standard proof of payment delivered to merchant.
(i.e. copy of cancelled check)
$20.00 each
BillPay inquiry/research$20.00 per hour for each
BillPay cancellation of each request for payment before disbursement$20.00 per cancellation
BillPay stop payment request$30.00 per request
BillPay non-sufficient fund
$30.00 each
BillPay returned due to error of subscriber$30.00 per payment
BillPay ACH return fee$30.00
BillPay letter mailed Express Mail $30.00 per letter
BillPay letter sent to recipient of payment$30.00 per letter


Additional FeesAmount
Document copying
(personal information)
$1.00 per page
Copy of share draft$3.00 each
Archived copy of share draft$5.00 each
Archived copy of deposited item$2.00 each
Money Orders$3.00 per item
Cashier's checks$5.00 per item
Funds Manager
(any withdrawal over three per month)
$10.00 per withdrawal
Escheat Fee for State Unclaimed Property$45.00
Mortgage Subordination$100.00
Loan late fee$30.00 after 10 days late
Loan Skip-a-Payment fee
(1 time per rolling 12 months/per loan)
(Restrictions may apply. Call for details.)
Returned Mail$5.00 per piece
Notary Service
(Members Only)
Garnishment (Legal attachment) set up charge$20.00
Faxing$2.00 per page